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Program Advertisements

Program ads will appear throughout the entire season reaching hundreds of local residents that attend each concert. Not only is this a great way to support music and the arts in our community, but it puts your name directly in the hands of the target audience that you want as customers and clients. Attendees of symphonic concerts are among the most affluent, educated and quality-focused consumers in America.

Ad Size Type Price
1/4 Page (2.375 x 3.875 in.) Color or B&W $120/year
1/2 Page (5 x 3.875 in.) Color or B&W $220/year
Full Page (5 x 8 in.) Color or B&W $400/year
Inside Front Cover* SOLD! Color $500/year
Inside Back Cover* SOLD! Color $500/year
Back Cover* SOLD! Color $700/year
*Note: inside & back covers are full page ads.

Order a Program Advertisement

City State Zip
Ad Size
Or email your artwork to
Payment Check payable to PSO, PO Box 8391, Portsmouth, NH 03802
Gift Certificate sent to PO Box 8391, Portsmouth, NH 03802
Invoice please invoice me at above address
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