Masterclass at PMAC

Violinist Odin Rathnam will be hosting a masterclass as part of his solo recital at The Dance Hall, Kittery.

Friday, July 6, 2018 from 2:30-5pm

at Portsmouth Music and Arts Center

“Lost in Translation-Demystifying the Principles of Ivan Galamian in Practical Application,” a Master Class with Odin Rathnam and MyPSO at PMAC.

Listen to an open lesson with bright young stars in the New Hampshire music world, taught by master violinist Odin Rathnam. This is free of charge and begins the experience that will culminate in the Sunday, July 8 performance.

A series begun in 2012 as Rathnam dove deep into his own past formal training, and after an encounter with Pinchas Zukerman that set him more intensely on a path of reevaluating fundamentals of the Art and discipline of playing the violin. The content of these classes was further distilled at the West Branch International Festival and Academy (2010-2011), the Academia de Verao in Portugal (2012-2014), and his masterclasses in Silkeborg (2012-2016).

Rathnam has also had the great fortune of sharing these classes in Chicago, Copenhagen, NMSU Las Cruces, James Madison University, The Philippines and most notably at Rathnam's Alma Mater, the Juilliard School, for the 2013 Starling DeLay Symposium. Central to the theme of the masterclass are a few guiding “mantras” if you will. They include defining virtuosity, sharing the goal of controlling the sound in the context of time, and applying principles of the method in percentages, while being extremely present and attentive to comfort and result.

As Rathnam is himself a former Suzuki kid, these principles also work extremely well when introduced through the Suzuki School. The applications to actual repertoire that are used in these classes have helped both performers and pedagogues better understand how to internalize the principles of muscle memory, ergonomics and natural approaches to sound production, core values to Galamian’s approach.